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Check out our Tourist Tuesday series that goes in depth on each province; for more info there is the WikiTravel entry on Iran. For more diaspora organizations, refer to this page. For more books about Iran, visit our wiki. Quote by Jean Chardin from "Travels in Persia " self.

Persians are known for "their kindness to strangers Not all of them were like that. Clergy differ- Shariatmadari was different from Khomeini.

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Kashani, Borujerdi, Montazeri, every cleric has a different personality and view of foreigners. Shit, Khatami was open to the US. Then you have the likes of Jannati. Clerics, given their Islam, are more likely to see humans in a universalist way as opposed to xenophobia of nationalists. This is exactly what Edward Said describes as Orientalism.

Travels in Persia, 1673-1677

The white man giving a representation of the East, the "Other". Racism is only meaningful with power dynamics. What is this 12 year old "actually you are the real racist" argument.

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Holy shit. Ugh do I really have to explain post-colonialism to you? Please don't comment on shit you don't understand. Go read some books and then come back. I don't wanna have to explain myself to literal children. Zoroastrian humanist. Ask me about money.

Persian Clothing in the 16th Century

I'm pretty successful. Not sure why you went with the 5 year old comebacks. No one other than literal children and libertarians call critics "jealous". And it wasn't about making money and capitalism either. It was about Orientalism. Scarce, National Museum of Scotland, , pg. Denison Ross and Eileen Power,.

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Page 14 of 16 M. Algar, Encyclopedia Iranica Onl in e, , pg. Diba, Encyclopedia Iranica Onl in e, , pg. Scarce, Encylcopedia Iranica Onl in e, , pg. Persian Clothing in the 16th Century. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover.

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