The Politics of United States Foreign Policy , Fifth Edition

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Glenn H. The authors allow us to understand the mind of why and how Jack Coughlin did his deadly war work. I found it the type of book I can recommend without any reservation to someone who is remotely interested in how one of the most successful snipers did his job.

Shooter: The Autobiography of the Top-Ranked Marine Sniper

He is a great American. Kathleen A.

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I enjoyed this book. It was a very descriptive no apologies look at a snipers role in the Iraqi war. Dan H. This is definitely a page turner. I havn't read many Military books, and I find that this book offers significant insight into the minds of those involved in the war in Iraq.

I highly recommend to anyone who can stand literary-gore. If tested, do I, the reader, have the right stuff? Because of the type of warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, the strategic and tactical value of snipers has greatly increased. Consequently, the "sniper" book list has greatly expanded. Organized around a collection of "event" chapters, the author presents his personal combat experiences in a honest, descriptive, and compelling narrative.

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Right away, he states, "I never enjoy taking a human life An experienced sniper can hate what he does when he pulls the trigger The author reiterates this throughout the book--"Snipers hate what ultimately happens when we pull the trigger. Although the fog of war surrounds the sniper, he must remain cool and keep a clear head. At the end of his Iraqi tour, the author concludes, "I maintained a stable mental plateau by being totally convinced that I had done the right thing and that I had saved a lot of people by killing the enemy.

It is much better to think of lives saved than human beings killed.

I also picked Jack Coughlin's book because he, along with Donald A. Davis, have written a series of bestselling "sniper" novels with the character, Gunnery Sergeant Kyle Swanson.

Shooter: The Autobiography of the Top-Ranked Marine Sniper :: Reviewed by David Forsmark

Well, the next time a high school boy or girl is at your checkout desk, consider that in a couple of years he could be a character in one of these books! Such books don't relate to students?

Before he was killed in action, the sniper Sgt. Tyler Juden ACHS class of , got hours of patriotic inspiration and enjoyment reading such books. Not timely or relevant? Recommended by Robert L. Write Review Add to favorites.

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