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There are different options for managing and treating prostate cancer. For some men, immediate treatment is not necessary or may not be appropriate. Your treating specialist will let you know your options based on the stage and grade of the prostate cancer, as well as your general health, age and preferences. Prostate cancer is typically slow-growing, giving men time to make decisions about their management or treatment options.

Coping with urinary incontinence

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on the type of management or treatment that is right for you. You may feel that everything is happening too fast. Check with your doctor how soon you need to make a decision and take as much time as you can. If you have a partner, you may want to talk about treatment options with them. You can also talk to friends and family or men you know who have had prostate cancer.

If only one type of treatment is recommended, ask your doctor to explain why other treatment choices have not been offered. You also have the right to accept or refuse any treatment offered. Some men with more advanced prostate cancer may choose treatment even if it only offers a small benefit for a short period of time. The treatment you have will depend on a number of factors including the stage of the cancer, your general health and your preferences.

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Active surveillance , surgery or radiation therapy are usually offered. Watchful waiting may be an option.

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Androgen deprivation therapy ADT may also be suggested. Usually offered androgen deprivation therapy ADT , sometimes chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Newer treatments may be available as part of a clinical trial. It important to feel that your sexuality is respected when discussing how cancer treatment will affect you.

Intermediate Risk: Favorable Versus Unfavorable

Your medical team should be able to openly discuss your needs and support you through treatment. Try to find a doctor who helps you feel at ease talking about sexual issues and relationships. PCFA also have support groups for gay and bisexual men.

Prostate Cancer: Evolving Paradigms: From Biopsy to Treatment

When your doctor first tells you that you have cancer, you may not remember the details about what you are told. Taking notes or recording the discussion may help. Many people like to have a family member or friend go with them to take part in the discussion, take notes or simply listen. If you have several questions, you may want to talk to a nurse, such as a prostate cancer specialist nurse or cancer care coordinator, or ask the office manager if it is possible to book a longer appointment. Specialists are used to people doing this. Your doctor can refer you to another specialist and send your initial results to that person.

You can get a second opinion even if you have started treatment or still want to be treated by your first doctor. You might decide you would prefer to be treated by the doctor who provided the second opinion. Your doctor or nurse may suggest you take part in a clinical trial. Doctors run clinical trials to test new or modified treatments and ways of diagnosing disease to see if they are better than current methods.

For example, if you join a randomised trial for a new treatment, you will be chosen at random to receive either the best existing treatment or the modified new treatment. High risk prostate cancer: radiotherapy and hormones, alternative radiotherapy regimens.

Use of conservative management for low-risk prostate cancer ‘increasing rapidly’

Toxicity of radiotherapy: acute and late morbidity — erectile dysfunction. The course consists of didactic lectures, interactive sessions clinical case discussions and Journal Clubs and practical demonstrations. Available here. Please see your booking confirmation for the discount code which applies for the duration of the course. ESTRO members can order products at substantially reduced prices.

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Target group. Course aim. Course overview. Course content Normal prostate: anatomy — embryology, histology Prostate cancer: epidemiology and prevention, clinical diagnosis, imaging modalities pathology, staging Low risk prostate cancer: active surveillance, surgery and the postop pathology Radiotherapy and brachytherapy, the pathology after irradiation External beam radiotherapy: on-line control, target delineation High risk prostate cancer: radiotherapy and hormones, alternative radiotherapy regimens Toxicity of radiotherapy: acute and late morbidity — erectile dysfunction Role of surgery and its morbidity Alternative treatments Adjuvant and salvage radiotherapy after radical surgery Rising PSA after surgery and after radiotherapy Imaging for recurrent detection Node positive prostate cancer Metastatic prostate cancer: hormones and their complications Castration resistant prostate cancer: new drugs Palliative radiotherapy and surgery Non systemic treatment in the metastatic setting.