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A final factor Semmel introduced is those in non-formal leadership roles are becoming leaders. When employees advocate better ways of doing things, they are showing leadership, even if they have no interest or skills to attain a formal leadership role.

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In the past, suggestion-boxes were standard, but this is too patronizing for the 21st century. Individuals want to voice their opinions regarding how an organization functions. There are some basic skills leaders have been developing since the latter part of the 20th century.

21 Leaders for the 21st Century

For example, Katzenbach wrote about key characteristics such as, commitment to the organization, commitment on a personal level, the courage to challenge the norms, personal initiative and motivation of themselves and others, and also caring and respecting others. A few other characteristics include staying undercover and not needing self-promotion, and finally having a sense of humor. In addition to these historic qualities, new leadership traits are emerging in the 21st century to fill the need of the major change situations that are taking place.

These skills and traits are uniquely tailored for success in today's environment. Self-motivated The leaders who successfully strengthen their leadership capacity are highly self-motivated to change. They are hungry to strengthen their capacity to both manage and to inspire. Open to feedback Leaders must also welcome feedback. They need to exhibit the courage to invite hard truth and work diligently to overcome their blind spots. Before leaders can tackle the challenges at their organizations, they have to look in the mirror.

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Blanchard discusses the journey of leadership with self-examination as the first step. After self-examination you're ready to deal one-on-one, and then you can successfully guide a team and then an organization. Self—awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses Using your strengths and managing your weaknesses are definites for any 21st century leader.

Once you've assessed your leadership strengths, you can work on improving weaknesses and hire people whose strengths will complement your own skill set.

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After self-examination, leaders also have a unique capacity to help create better-performing organizations by changing the skill and behaviors of lots of people. Additionally, the ethical standards you model for yourself and others will be picked up by employees Goldsmith, Authenticity, making connections, and being perceptive Management-consulting lecturer and social trend analyst, Pink believes the 21st century skills that are the most pertinent are resourcefulness, originality, relationship-building, and being intuitive.

Leaders must also lead with the head and heart. Open to other possibilities In discussing creative leadership, Puccio, Murdock, and Mance highlight the qualities of leaders needed for in the future. Some of these qualities are those leaders that actively look for options and other ways of doing things, seeking possibilities and other potentials, being flexible; a leader must be goal driven and focused, open to risk-taking, diligent, and determined. Final qualities include a leader facing up to current and proposed paradigms, empowering other individuals around them, and actively listening.

21 Leaders for the 21st Century by Fons Trompenaars

The first category is learning from past trials and errors where risk-taking is allowed and mistakes are forgivable. The third category is transparency in communication where there are clear objectives and expectations for the individual and group accountability.

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The fourth category is focusing on goals and bringing ideas to life. This appoints each individual with a specific task and a desired end result. The final category of this theory focuses on being in touch with yourself and being open to new ideas that welcome learning and growth.


The best leaders listen deeply during conversations so that you know every word is being absorbed and processed. This is an essential trait in a leader. With deep listening we can get to the heart of concerns and focus on the real issues Semmel, Genuine, ease of understanding, and respectful Among the traits younger workers want from leadership are authenticity, accessibility, and respect for individuality.

Maxwell wrote how a leader needs to be genuine and have a sincere authenticity when listening and speaking. Authenticity not only makes employees happy, but also makes brands last. The most powerful and enduring companies are built from the heart Schultz, Intuitive and personable Generation X and Y workers know they're in demand as the American work force shrinks. Leaders need to learn how to keep this new wave of younger workers happy, or risk losing them.

Many women leaders have an edge here, as they tend to focus on relationships more than male CEOs. Inclusion or omission of a program or service is not a comment on its quality. Please contact The Human Development Council to report concerns or to make suggestions. Records in this database contain links to MapQuest and Google Maps which are provided as a convenience to the user. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the maps provided by MapQuest or Google Maps and the user is urged to confirm the location independently.

The Human Development Council holds the intellectual property rights for the information on this site. You may display it on your computer and print or download this information for non-commercial, personal or educational purposes only. The final step is to find and develop the individuals who will serve as the leaders themselves.

But where can organizations find them? Many organizations continue to struggle to put leaders in place with the experience, capabilities, and motivation to take on both old and new business challenges. We suggest starting by taking a fresh look at the context in which leaders need to operate today, as it offers a key to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. The authors would like to thank Pushp Gupt and Stacey Philpot for their contributions to this chapter.

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    Brad Denny United States. Josh Bersin United States. Leadership in a new context New competencies, new context Where are the biggest gaps? Refreshing leadership from within. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank Pushp Gupt and Stacey Philpot for their contributions to this chapter. Endnotes Deloitte, Deloitte millennial survey: Millennials disappointed in business, unprepared for Industry 4.

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